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iovera° is the new toxin-free treatment for those who want to temporarily improve their looks by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

What is iovera° ?

The iovera° treatment is a temporary, toxin-free dynamic wrinkle treatment that delivers immediate results and leaves nothing behind in the body.

iovera device

How does iovera° work?

The iovera° treatment uses Focused Cold TherapyTM and the body’s natural response to cold to temporarily relax the muscles that cause forehead wrinkles. The iovera° treatment precisely targets the nerves that control the forehead muscles. The nerves are temporarily deactivated, relaxing the muscles that cause forehead wrinkles.

How does iovera° compare to other wrinkle treatments?

The iovera° treatment is precise, immediate, and predictable. Nothing is injected into the body so the effect does not undergo migration or diffusion where other muscles are affected days to weeks after treatment. Your full results are seen before your appointment is over.

What areas can be treated?

The iovera° treatment is only used for the treatment of dynamic forehead lines.

Is anything injected into my body?

One of the great things about the iovera° treatment is that nothing at all is injected into the body. The iovera° treatment uses only small closed-end needles that leave nothing behind after treatment.

iovera device

How will I look after the treatment?

The results are immediate with the iovera° treatment. You can see your results before you leave the office. Some patients may experience temporary bruising and swelling. As with any treatment Dr. Angelica Kavouni will discuss the results with you to ensure you are a good candidate for iovera°.

Before and after iovera° treatment

What kind of results can I expect?

iovera° is a treatment for dynamic forehead wrinkles, so you will see those wrinkles, commonly called expression wrinkles, immediately diminished. It is important to realize that iovera° is not a treatment for static or existing wrinkles that you can see when your forehead is at rest.

How long do the results last?

The iovera° treatment results are immediate and last for up to 3 months.

Will I be able to raise my eyebrows?

The iovera° treatment will return the brow to its natural resting or relaxed position. While other wrinkle treatments can migrate to affect other muscles, the iovera° treatment precisely targets only the muscles that relax the brow to its natural resting position. Some movement of the brow may still be visible after the treatment, resulting in a more natural look.

Will my face look frozen?

The immediate response of the iovera° treatment is valuable in tailoring the treatment to the look that you want, but not more. After each application, Dr. Angelica Kavouni will ask you to move you forehead (raise or frown). In this way, you can decide together when the desired effect is attained.

Does it hurt?

Local anaesthetic is administered to the area before treatment. You may feel pressure and a sensation of warmth or tingling during treatment. The feeling of pressure indicates that the treatment is working.

Is it safe?

To date, preclinical and clinical data have demonstrated the repeatability and reliability of the iovera° treatment over multiple treatments. The iovera° treatment has been thoroughly evaluated in multiple clinical studies and has been available to patients since early 2013. Dr. Angelica Kavouni can discuss whether iovera° is the right treatment for you, and any potential side effects associated with the treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Typically an iovera° treatment takes about 20 minutes, allowing time for the local anesthetic to take effect.

How does the device get so cold?

The iovera° treatment uses liquid nitrous oxide that is contained within the handpiece and the tip. Nothing is left inside the body - rather the gas is harmlessly expelled from the handpiece.

Can iovera° get too cold and cause permanent nerve damage?

The iovera˚ system is specifically designed only to work in a temperature range that is incapable of causing permanent nerve injury.

After care at home

Side effects

Most common side effects include:

Patient feedback

I would highly recommend the iovera treatment.

Gina - 51 | Pain 0 - 1/10

Recent stresses have left me looking tired and drawn so I came into Angelica's office for some much trusted advice and help!

Whilst waiting I flicked through some literature and stumbled across 'iovera' - seemingly the latest way to treat forehead lines. After discussing with Angelica who thought me to be a good candidate, I decided to try the treatment, (I have been having fillers for some years but have never been keen to have 'botox' and the fact that no toxins are involved in this new procedure really appealed).

I had no preconceived ideas and was surprised and delighted by the whole experience. Angelica injected some local anaesthetic into both temple areas, after which I felt absolutely no pain throughout the procedure. My left and right temple areas were targeted - each taking around 10mins to treat so I was on my way home after about 30minutes!

Amazing and what a difference! My forehead looks smooth and I cannot frown much at all now - although I can still lift my eyebrows which is a big bonus as I was worried I would look like a cast member of Towie afterwards!
I am thrilled, eyes somehow feel less heavy and more awake. Off to tell my friends!

I would highly recommend the iovera treatment.

Gabriella - 38 | Pain 3 - 1/10

One of my close friends had anti-wrinkle treatments and I have to say she looked very strange afterwards - for this reason I have never been keen to have the same procedure, but I have a very active forehead so was very interested to learn about iovera.

I frown a lot and as a result suffer headaches too, as a result the lines on my forehead have been getting worse over the past few years. It takes a chance look in the mirror or to see a photograph of yourself to realise how quickly the years have taken their toll! I have been feeling older than my years for some time so thought I'd try this new treatment. The fact that no toxin is involved (don't think my husband would approve of that) and that the effects are instant was really appealing.

I was a little anxious before the treatment as I didn't really know what to expect, but I've know Angelica for some time and trust her completely! The procedure was over very quickly - about 10 minutes each side and didn't hurt at all due to the anaesthetic injections beforehand.

My husband didn't know I was having the treatment and I was hoping to get away with it but I had some swelling on both temples which gave the game away! He is very pleased with the result - and so am I!

I can't frown any more, it's brilliant! But I can raise my eyebrows which means I don't look odd.