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Neck Lift

Many men find ageing becomes first most noticeable in the neck region, and seek help for their "turkey neck" appearance.

Most common concerns:

There are several solutions - surgical and non surgical with some more invasive than others. It is up to you to discuss options with Angelica to find which solution suits you and addresses your concerns the best.

Treatment options:


A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure to help improve the appearance of the neck. A neck lift may involve:

Non surgical

Thermage is a new age anti-ageing device that delivers radio frequency energy to the skin layers, which in turn stimulates formation of collagen (skin's natural scaffolding), so tightening the skin. Results are often instant and continue to improve over the course of a few weeks and should last around 2 years.

Liposuction - this on its own is often enough to improve the chin and neck contours, delaying the need for surgery by several years.

Combination of both

Often liposuction is performed during the surgical procedure to give full definition to the chin. Thermage might be suggested either pre or post op to help improve the skin texture and condition.