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The revolutionary, patented PermaLip implant was invented in 2002, and is the only CE Marked medical device designed exclusively for lip enhancement.

PermaLip is made from a very soft silicone elastomer made in a shape corresponding to the dimensions of the lip. It is solid, with a smooth surface that tapers at both ends to conform naturally to the normal lip. The PermaLip implant is available in a variety of diameters and lengths to accommodate the uniqueness of each persons lip characteristics. The PermaLip implant has undergone extensive clinical testing and has CE Marking in Europe.

Why should I have this vs traditional lip fillers?

Angelica: "No-one has to undergo any sort of cosmetic procedure but if you do think your lips are thin or the edges have lost their definition this is a great option. Also for those clients who pay for the temporary fillers every 3 or 4 months, this is the cheaper option as its a one off cost."

What are the side effects?

Angelica: "After the procedure you will experience some swelling and perhaps bruising. The procedure isn't actually painful as I always anaesthetise the lips with a 'dental block'. PermaLip is made of soft, solid silicone. Therefore, it cannot rupture or leak."

 What if I hate it?

Angelica: "If in the very unlikely event that you do not like the effect then we can quite simply remove the implants."

How long do I take off work?

Angelica: "It varies according to the degree of swelling but most of my clients come in on a Thursday, take friday off work and are ready to go back to work on monday."