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Will surgery hurt, stock up with tissue because the answer's nearly always c

Will surgery hurt, stock up with tissue because the answer's nearly always c

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Will surgery hurt?

Stock up on tissue because the answer's nearly aways "c".

Tummy tuck

"This is very painful as it involves removing a lot of tissue" says cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni. Your tightened skin can make breathing difficult and you won't be able to stand up straight for a few days. You'll be on strong painkillers for a week and will have to wear a special pressure garment for up to six. You'll need at least three weeks off work as you won't be allowed to move much to avoid fluid collecting between the healing skin and muscle. And you'll have a big old scar from one hip to the other.

Breast reduction

"This is very uncomfortable as again you're having a lot of tissue cut out" says Angelica. Wounds will be taped for several weeks after surgery and you'll have to wear a support bra for about six weeks. The scars are extensive and can take up to a year to heal properly - invest in some vitamin E oil to rub on them.

You'll need to help with looking after your kids, unpacking the shopping and doing housework for at least a couple of weeks - and you won't be back at work much before then either.

Breast implants

"Implants are usually put under the breast muscle as it gives better shape, but be prepared for pain" says Angelica.

You'll be on strong painkillers for about a week and will have to wear a support bra for three to four. Lifting your arms can hurt a lot so get help with the kids for at least a week and even with washing and drying you hair. Ideally, take two weeks off work. The swelling isn't too bad, though, and the scars are usually concealed under the breast.

Face lift

"This procedure looks much worse than it feels" says Angelica, but for the first two weeks there's no hiding what you've done - the bruises and surgical staples look pretty gruesome.

Nurses will wash you hair within the first 24 hours to remove the dried blood and you'll have to keep doing this every day until your follow-up appointment, so get some help for the first couple of weeks as you'll feel really sore. It takes six weeks for things to settle down, so you'll need quite a lot of time off work. Oh, and smoking is an absolute no.


Know that feeling you get when you bash your leg against a table?

The aftermath of liposuction feels a bit like that, according to Angelica. The bruises are pretty spectacular (though the scar are generally very small and will fade) and you'll have to wear a full-on compression garment under your clothes for about six weeks.

Make sure you have someone on hand to help around the house for the first week - after that you can probably go back to work.

Nose job

Although it's not too painful, rhinoplasty is very much uncomfortable because you can't breathe through your nose and you nasal passages can dry out. You'll wear a plaster cast for at least a week and one that's off, you'll look like you've been in a fight. The severe bruising can last for two to three weeks (taking arnica may help) and you'll need a fortnight off work. Draft in help with kids, dogs and housework for the firs week as you won't be able to bend forward due to the risk of bleeding.