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Inside out, your essential health and beauty guide

Inside out, your essential health and beauty guide

2003, Sunday ExpressView PDF

Underarm sweating

My overactive sweat glands can strike at any time – I don’t even have to be hot or anxious. It’s a source of great embarrassment, and my trips to the doctor have resulted in at least five types of prescription deodorants and different sets of pills – all to not avail. So, when I heard that Botox injections could help by deactivating the nerves that trigger sweat glands, I was more than willing to give it a try.

At the Cosmetic Solutions Clinic on Harley Street, the doctor applied a mixture of iodine and cornflower to my armpits. This turned the most affected areas black, making them easy to identify. Next, the Botox was injected into my armpits. I was amazed to discover that this was completely pain-free – out of 30 or more injections I was slightly aware of only a couple.

The treatment takes around a week to take full effect, but I felt a difference after just one day, and 10 days later my condition is 90 per cent better – I am wearing clothes that I haven’t worn for years because I was too worried about perspiration patches.

The only downside to the treatment is the price, which is rather on the expensive side, although in my case it was most definitely worth it. Amanda Slater.

The treatment costs £500 and lasts up to six months (sweating reoccurs less and less after 3 – 4 treatments).

For more information, contact Cosmetic Solutions on 020 7486 9040 or visit cosmetic-solutions.co.uk