129 Harley Street
London, W1G 6BA
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Action face swap

Action face swap

2004, MaximView PDF

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Could a plastic surgeon make us look like a celebrity? Yes! Here's a genuine surgeon's pitch for the job...


Here's our guy, au naturel. On the right, how he'd look after expensive face surgery - and how they've do it!

Advice and pictures supplied by Ms Angelica Kavouni - cosmetic plastic surgeon, 129 Harley Street

As Brad Pitt

Plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni says: "If you wanted to change your whole face like this, I would recommend a psycological assesment first. You can never make someone look exactly like that. You would have to change the skeleton."

As Les Dennis

Angelica says:

"You're too good looking to be made to look like Les Dennis. Hmm... although really, you just need to add these here and here... actualy, no - this is much easier than Brad Pitt! To form wrinkles, the skin is sutured under the surface."

To age the face:

As Holly Willoughby

Angelica says:

"With the long hair, you look very much like her. Sex-change surgery is quite difficult, though, because you have to reduce everyting."

As Elephant man

Angelica says:

"That took no time at all! In fact, that was by far the easiest one to do. Bad surgery is very easy...saline implants are placed under the skin, then the skin stretches and grows to the size of the implants, leaving the shape of the head disfigured. Each saline bag has a little port that you can top up evry week with more saline. Don't forget, with all these procedures there is a generally a firther £3,500 on top of each bill for hospital and anaesthetist charges - the prices given here are surgeon charges only."