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Upper eyelift at 39 to wake up the tired eyes

Upper eyelift at 39 to wake up the tired eyes

2006, Top SanteView PDF


Carol Stechman, 42, a medical secretary from Surbiton, had an upper eye-lift at 39 to wake up her tired eyes.

"I am fair-skinned and have smoked all my life, which probably hasn't done any skin any favours. By my 30s my eyes were lined and the eyelids had drooped, making them look really puffy. I became obsessed with them - they were the first thing I noticed when I looked in the mirror and they made me feel just as tired as I looked. As any 40th birthday approached, I was more conscious of getting older than ever and decided to do something about it. I started surfing the net, reading up on all the various procedures available, and decided an eye lift would be for me. I didn't like the idea of a full facelift and at £2,300, an eye lift was more within my budget. The surgeon recommended I give up smoking prior to my surgery as it slows recovery. It was a great incentive. I stubbed out my last cigarette three weeks before the op and, determined not to gain weight as a result, started to eat more healthily, too.

On the day, I was quite nervous, but the whole thing was over in the space of an hour. It was almost an anti-climax, after years of thinking about it. There was hardly any pain, but I did feel wiped out from the anaesthetic for days afterwards. When the bruising had settled after a week, though, I knew it had been all worthwhile. I was thrilled with the result. People kept saying I looked really well rested, which shows how subtle the effect was. But that's exactly what I wanted - nobody wants to look like they've had surgery. Besides, it may be subtle, but the difference to me is huge and I'm so much more confident now. I haven't touched a cigarette since and I've even lost half a stone from watching what I eat. So all in all, I feel like a new woman. I can't think of a better way to start a new decade. I hear so many people say they'd rather wait until their wrinkles get really bad before they have them sorted, but I say, why wait? I'm glad I didn't"