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Your guide to party panic surgery

Your guide to party panic surgery

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"I gained a cup size" - Anel La mine, 25, a PA from Surrey, opted for a quick-fix "boob jab".

"I've always had a flat chest. There was a running joke in my family that when it came to boobs, I took after Dad. By 17, I'd only sprouted to a32A. Over the next few years I tried everything from bust-boosting pills to plumping creams, but nothing worked. So I resorted to wearing 'chicken fillets' inside my gel bras. They looked OK under clothes, but I couldn't wear backless dresses and looked awful in a bikini.

Then a friend told me about Macrolane an injectable filler that plumps up the breast. Although the results are modest- up to half a cup size- the effect is very natural. J'd been saving for a holiday, but I decided to spend the £2,600 on a new cleavage instead.

At the Harley Street clinic, the surgeon gave me a numbing injection before inserting a tube under each breast. The worst part was the 'cracking sound as the tube was pushed into the tissue to make small tunnels, which were filled with gel.

Each breast took 30 minutes and it was amazing to lie back and watch my boobs growing. When I stood up to have a look, I almost cried. My 32A bee stings were now a plump 32B!

Two days later, I went on my first date in a low-cut top. I was so excited, I told him about the boob jab and after that he couldn't take his eyes off them.

Now I'm buying a strapless Christmas party dress. My new boobs are the best present ever."

How the boos jab works

Filler Macrolane is injected to plump up the breast.

Best for - boosting saggy boobs, or creating a cleavage from a pancake-flat chest.

How long it takes - an hour.

How long it lasts between 12 and 18 months, although you can have a top-up after a year.

Cost - from £2,600, with yearly refills from £1,400.

Ouch factor - 8/10. Painful once the anaesthetic wears off. Boobs may feel hard, but will start to soften after two weeks.

"I lost 4in from my arms" - Phiippa Franklin, 39, a PR executive from London, blitzed her bingo wings.

About a month ago, I was waving a friend off when I glanced sideways and realised that even when my arm was stationary, the fleshy bit underneath still wobbled. I was mortified and decided there and then to do something about it.

I'm a slim size 12, but ever since my mid-thirties I've had a hangup about my underarm droop.! was most conscious of it in pictures.

On holiday, I'd wear bikinis and halternecks and feel great. But later I'd look at my snaps and see these thick "builder's" arms.

I considered liposuction, but I was worried that I'd still be left with saggy skin.

That was the big pull with SmartLipo MPX. One laser beam melts the fat and another tightens and tones the skin. I was sold and decided to put the £2,800 cost on my credit card.

At the clinic, the surgeon numbed my arm before inserting a laser probe through a tiny incision. The laser breaks down the fat into liquid, which is then sucked out. A second laser wand was then slotted in to firm the underlying tissue. I couldn't feel a thing, apart from a slight "prodding" as the laser chiselled away at the fat.

The next day, my hands swelled up like balloons, a common side effect, and I had to sleep with them propped up on pillows.

Two weeks on, I can see the new, slimmer outline. I've already lost 2in each arm and they look really toned and not a bingo wing in sight.

How SmartLipo works

Next generation SmartLipo MPX uses a laser to liquify fat and tighten skin, but laser's strength can be adjusted to target stubborn cellulite.

Best for - Small to mediu, areas - arms, chins, upper thighs.

How long it takes - Around 45 minutes for each arm.

How long it lasts - Permanent, although skin still slackers through age.

Cost - £2,800

Ouch factor - 2/10. Arms are numbed beforehand. It's no worst than the ache after a workout.

More quick figure-fixer

Back-fat blitz

What is it? - Eporex is a salon-based treatment that combines fat-dissolving herbal concentrate with hi-tech electrical-therapy.

What's involved? - The dual action of this natural fat-realeasing agent and the electrically-charged roller help break down layers of fat.

Ouch factor - Zero. This is a very relaxing treatment.

Cost - £82 for a 45 minute treatment. A course of eight is recommended.

The facelift facial

What is it? - CACI is a temporary facelift using tiny electrical micro-currents to tighten sagging muscles and boost collagen production.

What's involved? - The face is massaged with cotton tipped probes which deliver electrical impulses to firm the underlying tissue and plumb out wrinkles.

The ouch factor - 5/10. A mild, tingling sensation from the electrodes.

Cost - Around £70 for a one-hour session.