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Why there is nothing wrong with a little natural sculpting

Why there is nothing wrong with a little natural sculpting

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"If you let yourself go it's your own fault" Anna Ryder Richardson tells us why there's nothing wrong with a little natural sculpting.

Anna Ryder Richardson swore she'd never resort to cosmetic surgery. But at 45, the interior designer and TV presenter, who owns a zoo in Pembrokeshire with her husband Colin MacDougall, wants to make the best of herself. So Anna tried the non-surgical treatment Sculptra, a collagen stimulator. "As you get older you lose your natural youth and plumpness in your cheeks" explains Anna. Here, she talks about the treatment and why she wants to instill body confidence in her two daughters, Bibi-Belle seven, and Dixie-Dot, six.

Why did you start the Sculptra treatment?

In the past few years my face has changed. One day when I was looking in my car mirror I thought. "Who's that wrinkly old bat with grey hair?" I had wrinkles and jowly bits and I looked haggard. But I didn't want chemical peels, and wouldn't do Botox. I read about Sculptra and liked it because it's non-surgical. I just want to look like a slightly younger version of me.

How does it work?

It contains poly-L-lactic acid, which is a filler that's been used in surgical operations for over 25 years. It's injected deep into your skin so it stings a bit but it's pretty quick. It stimulates natural collagen production, so it's your body that's doing the work. I've had 10 injections under each eye.

How have people reacted?

My husband's initial reaction was. "Don't be so ridiculous." But all my friends are secretly fascinated - they want to know if it works!

Are you confident about your looks?

When I was younger I wouldn't step outside without eye liner, concealer and lip gloss, and I thought that was looking natural! Now I love the fact I can just throw on a T-shirt, shorts and wellies!

How do you keep fit?

Having two children keeps me going and now we live in a zoo, if it's not the children keeping me on my toes, it's one of the animals!

What are your worst bits?

I'm quite toned, but I wish I had bigger hips. I'm an 8 on the bottom and a 10 on top. I'd like to be a 10 on the bottom. It would feel more womanly. At this age you have to make the most of what you've got. It shouldn't mean you get lazy, though. If do that, you've got no one to blame but yourself.

What body confidence advice would you give your children?

My dad used to stick our big toes in our mouths every day to try and keep us supple - and I can still do it now!

Anna's having treatment with plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni. For further information on Sculptra call 0800 085 2046 or visit www.sculptra.co.uk