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We asked four Britain's top cosmetic surgeons to reveal what makes a woman beautiful

We asked four Britain's top cosmetic surgeons to reveal what makes a woman beautiful

2011, Daily MailView PDF

Angelica Kavouni

Angelica Kavouni, director of a medical practice in central London specialising in anti-ageing care and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Symmetry, balance, fulness and curves are my four main considerations when it comes to beauty.

I am influenced by the classical elements of beauty from ancient Greek and Renaissance times, but I also absorb ethnic and social influences.

The more classical elements of beauty involve asymmetry and balance, but these have been adapted by society, so big bottoms don't balance the human frame, but are seen as a beautiful by certain cultures.

Combining a number of so-called perfect features on one face does not necessarily translate into a beautiful face. The emotions we feel towards a person play an important role when we interpret their appearance.

I try to incorporate and enhance one or two key features, without chasing an illusive perfection.

My objective is not to create unnatural Barbie doll types, but to achieve more natural results. When mu patients seem to be blindly following a specific trend, I always try to establish, using computer imagery, whether this procedure would be suitable.

I don't think that today's women are increasingly dissatisfied with their appearances. I'm convinced that the numbers of those who are dissatisfied has remained relatively static over the years. What has changed is the accessibility of cosmetic surgery and the overall increase of disposable income.

Contrary to popular belief, very few of my patients are seeking perfection. Most of them just want to keep ageing at a manageable level.

Women of the 21st century are very lucky because they have access to many non-surgical cosmetic solutions that were not around even five years ago.

Can I make them all beautiful? I'm probably not. But I can make them feel beautiful which, for me, is perfect!