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Silhouette Soft® / Puppet Facelift

Silhouette Soft® – new generation ‘one stitch facelift’ offers younger women a real no-knife option to reverse effects of early facial ageing.


“Silhouette Soft is a great procedure for younger women in their 30’s and 40’s who are unhappy with the effects of early ageing and want natural looking rejuvenation without long recovery times. These threads also have a dual effect – they lift and plump thanks to the stimulation of collagen production, so not only is the face lifted a little, lines and wrinkles are helped too.”

Signs of early ageing

How does it work?

One treatment, two actions:

Silhouette Soft® procedure

Silhouette Soft is performed in the office under local anaesthetic and usually takes under an hour to complete. Unlike its predecessor (the Silhouette Lift), these new poly-l-lactic acid threads are completely absorbable. Each thread shaft has eight absorbable cones, which help to anchor loose skin and hold it place.

The thread(s) is gently inserted in the hairline and, as the thread moves forward, the patented cones attach to subcutaneous tissue. Angelica then applies a little tension to the thread, resulting in a subtle lift.

Post Silhouette Soft care

There should be no postoperative pain with this technique, but paracetamol can be prescribed if required. During the first week following the procedure, you might have some swelling which soon settles.

Why is Silhouette Soft® innovative?


“In my opinion the Silhouette Soft lift is more effective than the more conventional Silhouette Lift. Results are very predictable and more natural looking. The whole process is extremely less invasive and with results lasting around 18-24 months, patients are extremely happy.”

Combine the Silhouette Soft with skin resurfacing treatments such as Fraxel or Clear+Brilliant and take years off your face.

Cost: From £2200.00 depending on the number of threads required.