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Xlase Plus laser painlessly and permanently removes unwanted hair

Angelica: "Many of you have been asking me over the years why we do not offer hair removal. The reason is that I've been taking my time looking for a laser that ticks all boxes. Personally I have had some very painful brushes with hair laser and I wanted something that was tolerable, fast, effective and could treat all kinds of skin tones. I am very pleased with the Xlase Plus device and I think you will find from now on, that hair removal can be a simple process."

Waxing and shaving are so last decade. Try laser hair removal and you'll never have to worry about unwanted hair again. Treatments are fast and painless, and our Xlase Plus laser will clear an area in 6-10 simple sessions. Clearance rates are variable as hair colour, previous type of treatments, skin colour and area to be treated need to be considered.

Buy a course 6 and receive 1 treatment free

More information about Xlase: www.xlaseplus.com

Band 1 - £75.00 per session

Band 2 - £150.00 per session

Band 3 - £200.00 per session

Band 4 - £350.00 per session

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