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Medical grade 3D-lipomed answers questions left by other no-knife fat fixers – this sophisticated device offers skin tightening, fat removal and lymphatic drainage to smooth and streamline gym resistant lumpy bits and unsightly cellulite.

3D-lipomed is unique. Not simply a beauty device, this intelligent device combines radiofrequency, ultrasound and cryolipolysis – all widely recognised as industry standards for skin tightening and fat removal.

None of us are alike - we all have unique body issues and now, with the 3D-lipomed device we can suggest bespoke treatment plans to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Angelica: “Until now fat removal systems have been able to offer fat reduction but not deal with other issues such as cellulite and loose skin. 3D-lipomed can treat all these problems by blending several aspects of new-age technology. The science is convincing and I have been very pleased with results seen so far – actually I’m in the middle of a course myself!”

3D-lipomed explained:

Focus Fractional Radio-frequency - 3rd generation device which uses heat to contract the skin and stimulate collagen production to help improve skin tone.

Cavitation - To treat deeper fat removal. High frequency ultrasound waves agitates liquid in the fat cells, in turn producing small air bubbles which then help to ‘burst’ the cells. The body naturally removes any debris over the course of a few weeks

DUO Cryolypolisis - To treat stubborn fat pockets found on the belly, love handles or thighs. Fat cells are targeted, frozen and destroyed. Again, the body will remove any debris over the course of a few weeks.

Why DUO? Two areas can be treated simultaneously which will save you time!

3D-Dermology RF - Cellulite treatment that improves skin surface and tackles cellulite by improving lymphatic flow and local blood circulation. This sophisticated roller has the added option of simultaneously delivering radio frequency for an extra skin tightening boost. This means cellulite can be tackled as a stand alone problem without involving the other fat reducing modes. This is great news for lean women who have no excess fat pockets but are troubled by cellulite.

Angelica continues: “Not just for the body, the 3D-lipomed can be used to help contour the jawline and chin too. The treatments are very well tolerated and I am very pleased with this new addition to my in-house Medispa – the Kosmeis Skin Clinic.”

Price list

Bespoke packages can be put together upon consultation.


How do I know which of these treatments are right for me?

During your first session our experienced nurse practitioner will identify which issues affect you more and devise a treatment programme which can last between 4-6weeks.

Which areas respond best to the 3D-lipomed modes?

3d-lipomed offers solutions for just about all your troublesome bits.

Do any of the treatments hurt?

No. Expect some tingling during CRYO-COOL, the treated area(s) can feel cold for up to 2 weeks and can be numb for up to 2 months.

Is there any aftercare?

You must drink 2 litres of water per day during your treatment programme and for 8 weeks after the treatments have finished. This helps the body to flush out breakdown products produced by the cavitation and radio frequency. As with all of the treatments we offer, healthy diet and exercise programmes should be followed to get the best return on you body investment.