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My tummy tuck journey


All my life I had been struggling with my shape, couldn’t even blame it on having kids, it was just due to some bad luck in the gene pool!

Abdomnioplasty before and after the procedure

My pre op journey

Not a classic pear, but enough of one to make finding good fitting clothes a complete nightmare, especially trousers and jeans (if they fitted around waist, then the legs would be baggy or if they fitted on the legs, they wouldn’t go around my middle!). For many years I would just wear loose tops to hide my waist area, whilst plotting to have cosmetic surgery.

Finding the right surgeon proved to be the most difficult part of my journey. I made sure I saw 3, so I would be well informed, 2 male plastic surgeons and Ms Angelica Kavouni.

Abdomnioplasty before and after the procedure

To be honest, I found Angelica (she’s so approachable that it becomes very easy to call her by her first name, and she doesn’t seem to mind!) the most understanding of my predicament, one of the other surgeons even told me I wasn’t a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery due to my shape, which I found very odd, as I wanted surgery to change my shape!

Angelica understood how my body was making me feel and we both felt a tummy tuck was the right path to follow. She also made sure I fully understood the implications for the scar, it would be long (from hip to hip) but hidden in the bikini line.

Abdomnioplasty before and after the procedure

To be honest, I didn’t care! I was so excited that finally I might be able to wear the clothes of my choice and to expose my body even a little bit whilst on holiday, without scaring the natives!

My post op journey

I was terrified to look at the scar and didn’t remove the dressings until I saw her for stitch removal 10 days later. I have to say Angelica‘s attention to detail is incredible; I was amazed to see that she had actually stitched my scar, which must have taken eons! I’m sure she could have just used a staple gun to save time.

Abdomnioplasty before and after the procedure

The strangest thing was that I couldn’t stand fully for around 6 weeks post surgery, as it felt as though my skin was too tight, I told people at work I was stooping due to a hurt back! It took around 6 months for me to return to 100% full activity.

The scar gives me no worries at all, as promised it is hidden in my panty line and, after 4 years, has almost faded away and is not obvious at all.

I returned to the operating table the year after my tummy tuck for some back sculpting. My tummy was now as flat as a washboard, but I felt that some fat that I carried on my back and flanks let the whole outcome down. Angelica soon sorted me out with some clever "lipo sculpting" as she terms it.

I’m now so pleased with my body. Keeping fit and healthy is now enjoyable, as I know my shape has changed for the better, permanently.

Thanks Angelica! (may be back for some facial work, watch this space)