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Male Breast Reduction

All men have some breast tissue and, as with women, some men have more breast tissue than others. In extreme cases, some young adolescents grow the equivalent of a C cup. Sometimes this can be due to a hormone imbalance, but usually there is no such abnormality. Little point is served in debating the embarrassment caused to men by this problem, many of whom confirm that they will not be seen without their shirts and who cannot go swimming or sun bathing whilst on holiday.

Problems caused to older children at school are such as to cause many to play truant sooner than attend physical education classes where it is necessary to shower following the lesson. No amount of diet or exercise will assist in establishing a normal breast and the only option available is gynaecomastia correction surgery.

During consultation for gynaecomastia correction, patients are asked a general medical history and Ms Kavouni will request information relating to any previous surgery, she will also look for good levels of fitness and ensure you are well motivated and fully understand the gynaecomastia correction procedure.

Ms Kavouni will fully discuss her preferred surgical technique for gynaecomastia also highlight the incision positions. For seven days prior to your admission to the hospital you should not take Aspirin or any product containing Aspirin. Gynaecomastia correction is a permanent solution to an otherwise permanent problem.

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Male Breast Reduction
(Gynaecomastia Correction) - The Operation

The gynaecomastia correction surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and you will be required to stay in hospital for one night. Ms Kavouni will talk through the options available during your initial consultation.

Two gynaecomastia correction methods are available for this procedure or are sometimes combined.

Carefully working the cannula back and forth Ms Kavouni draws off excess breast tissue under a high vacuum. Only when the area is flat and normal in appearance will the gynaecomastia correction be complete.

Male Breast Reduction
(Gynaecomastia Correction) - Post Operation

Problems following gynaecomastia correction are not common but occasionally they do arise. Bruising is a natural result of the surgery and may persist for a week or so. Hardness or lumpiness within the breast tissues due to swelling can persist for a month or so.

Bleeding post gynaecomastia correction is rare but a drainage tube is usually used as a precaution and removed the next morning. Infection is uncommon but if occurs antibiotics will be prescribed. Very occasionally, following the liposuction during the gynaecomastia correction a further operation is required to remove tissue, which could not be removed by lipoplasty.

Unfortunately, this may not manifest itself until such time as all the swelling of the area has gone down. Dependent upon your occupation and the method used, you may return to work between one and two weeks. Lifting should be avoided for about 14 days. Sport, particularly contact sport, should be avoided for at least one month. This includes swimming. Gentle exercise such as walking is recommended.

Male Breast Reduction
(Gynaecomastia Correction) - Summary

Gynaecomastia correction is a very successful operation in as much as it restores confidence and relieves a major cause for distress and embarrassment. Following treatment the breast tissue does not grow back but the swelling takes six to nine months to settle completely.