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Battling Batwings: as numbers of women seeking solutions to flabby upper arms skyrocket, Angelica discusses causes and cures

Battling Batwings: as numbers of women seeking solutions to flabby upper arms skyrocket, Angelica discusses causes and cures

5th July, 2013

Arm liftSmartlipoThermage

Not just an ageing issue for the over 40’s, sagging upper arm skin is now a concern for many women 20+, thanks mainly to increasing obesity trends.

Weight fluctuation has a big influence on skin laxity - constant demands of stretching and shrinking can take its toll on the skin and, when you add both the pull of gravity and ageing process, you can say "goodbye" to toned arms and "hello" to growing batwings.

Drooping of skin is caused when the anchoring tissue system loosens and supporting fat disappears. Until now, this area has been notoriously difficult to treat, with women having two choices – to cover up or undergo surgical intervention, involving a long incision from armpit to elbow (a conventional brachioplasty).

Angelica comments: “Surgical armlift has been the standard solution for loose underarm skin, but I am happy to say we now have effective non-surgical options for women with early skin laxity who seek a degree of tightening.”

Non-surgical batwing treatments:

Smartlipo is a laser body sculpting system and the perfect tool to tackle problem areas such as flabby arms. Excess fat pockets are "melted" and removed using suction apparatus. The device also heats the surface of the skin promoting collagen formation, which in turn helps to tighten the skin.

Thermage. Radio frequency waves are delivered to the deep dermis, which causes a heat reaction. The body automatically tries to heal the heated tissues, and this process results in collagen production, which in turn improves the texture, elasticity and supporting matrix of the skin. Skin is left contoured, smooth, and taught. Only one treatment required.

Ideal candidates:

Those with mild to moderate skin laxity have the best results. Downtime: A few days of bruising and swelling with Smartlipo; no downtime with Thermage. Results: You should enjoy the results for 3+ years. Cost: Smartlipo from £4200.00 / Thermage from £3500.00.

Surgical armlift/brachioplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper arm, and offers women an instant solution to sagging skin.

The incision runs from the armpit to elbow and usually heals very well to an almost invisible line. Downtime: This procedure is performed as a day case and recovery can take up to two weeks. Results: effect will last for 5-10 years, less if weight fluctuates.

Cost: from £5500.00