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Courteney Cox reveals her secrets to youth as she stars in a new ad

Courteney Cox reveals her secrets to youth as she stars in a new ad

6th December, 2013


As reported in the Daily Mail this week, even gorgeous Hollywood A-listers like Courteney Cox admit that it’s a constant struggle to fight 'that clock'. Whilst many of us choose to embrace the ageing process – and I applaud them for that – it’s clear from recent studies that increasing numbers of us baby-boomers are trying to do the opposite.

So what do we have in our arsenal against ageing? Courtney attributes her youthful glow to drinking plenty of water and regularly getting a good night’s sleep (I suspect it may be a little more than that...but that’s another discussion!)

We learn more about the ageing process every day and scientists can harness this research to develop increasingly efficient ways of slowing the skin’s ageing process. We’re in no doubt that skin renewal plays a large part in keeping the skin taut, conditioned and rejuvenated and due to this knowledge, many of today’s treatments are based around that concept.

Collagen is the magic ingredient in this process. Our skin’s natural support system, it plays a vital role in maintaining skin condition. Large amounts of collagen are lost from our skin as we age, thus many anti-ageing treatments aim to replenish these natural stocks.

The body produces collagen as a natural response, to heal damaged tissue and skin cells. In order to generate this production, current anti-ageing procedures target the tissue in specific areas of the skin that are in need of plumping. There’s no need to worry though, the activity affecting the tissue is carefully controlled and any ‘damage’ is microscopic, as in the case of Fraxel, a fractional laser therapy.

As an aesthetic surgeon working today, I consider myself very lucky, being able to choose from a wide range of practices as well as traditional surgical procedures to achieve exactly the right result for each of my patients. Thanks to technological advances in the field, I can combine surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to keep the skin in great shape. There are so many options to choose from; stand-alone skin resurfacing, colour correction, radio-frequency skin tightening, injectable fillers and wrinkle relaxation treatments all have their rightful place alongside surgical procedures. I often blend such treatments to optimise the results of my trademark minimal scarring surgery - mini-facelift, eye lifts and one stitch facelift.

I don’t ever promise to stop the ageing process but I can certainly help you to slow it, gracefully, to obtain natural-looking results. For me this natural aesthetic is key and I believe it’s totally within reason to want to look 5 or even 10 years younger. However, it’s trying to stop the clock altogether that can produce a face that looks artificial, puffy and stretched – think Sharon Osbourne.

If you’ve decided to fight the skin’s ageing process then of course drinking plenty of water, a healthy diet, ample sleep and regular exercise coupled with no smoking and high sun protection are all great practices. However, you might just decide on a little extra help.

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