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Dynamic (movement) Forehead Lines

Dynamic (movement) Forehead Lines

7th January, 2015


The more a muscle is used the bigger and stronger it becomes, and those sitting in the forehead are no different. Repetitive frown and expression movement builds up the muscles and produces lines – inherent ‘muscle memory’ causes them to become permanent and, to prevent this, the movement cycle needs to be broken.


Do you like to have some forehead movement but hate your lines? iovera° is the ideal anti-wrinkle device for you. Great for patients in their 30’s+, the 2nd generation iovera° single needle system delivers Focused Cold Therapy to targeted nerves, temporarily stopping muscle movement. The beauty of this treatment is that only one or two nerves are treated, leaving others functional for eyebrow movement.

Muscle relaxation with a difference - iovera° delivers predictable results INSTANTLY and is also TOXIN-FREE so nothing is left behind