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Good bye “Metrosexual”, hello “Geordie Shore wannabes” or “Spornosexual”

Good bye “Metrosexual”, hello “Geordie Shore wannabes” or “Spornosexual”

13th August, 2014

Male breast reduction

The trend tides are turning as young men spend less time on their external appearance, preferring to concentrate more on what lies beneath the dapper clothes – achieving ripped abs, tans, tattoos and full body waxing now seem all consuming.

Spending hours in the gym building muscle mass is a good thing right? Yes of course, but creating a toned body with six pack definition can take many work out hours and involves a great deal of gym dedication. My concern is that today‘s young men want instant results and don‘t have the commitment it takes to slowly build up their body muscle mass.

Anecdotal evidence points to a worrying trend of increasing anabolic steroid use – and even more concerning, anabolic steroid ABUSE. Government drug misuse statistics suggest there could be more steroid users in the UK than heroin abusers – could be as high as 2:1 – around 59,000. Unofficial data collected from GP’s and health clubs indicate the number could be even higher – maybe around 250,000.

Why does it matter? Well, there many anabolic steroid substances on the market with a huge number available online. Apart from the many documented health risks associated with ‘safe’, branded steroids, the online market is a minefield – with no regulation or safe guards do these men really know what they are consuming…?

Recognised health risks:

Be warned, initial quick body gains are mainly due to water retention where muscles become water logged and, without a simultaneous full fitness regime to help boost muscle mass, the results disappear when the drug course completes. The “quick-fixers” will then rush to take another course back to back, instead of following recommended usage guidelines.

That old adage “no pain, no gain” is very apt here. There is no true way to build a muscle ripped body quickly, it takes time in the gym and a great deal of discipline and dedication. Personally I hope the “Geordie Shore” body fad burns out quickly before a generation of our youngsters does!


There are two main causes:

Resolving true gynaecomastia involves correction surgery where the excess breast tissue is removed often combined with some removal of excess skin.