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Non Surgical Facelift - Diary of a (ageing) damsel in distress!

Non Surgical Facelift - Diary of a (ageing) damsel in distress!

1st March, 2016


The non-surgical facelift – my journey to a fresher, younger looking me. Not only do I feel fabulous – I now look it too!

Desperation! Woke up one morning and after taking a long look in the mirror, couldn't really believe how much I had aged, in what seemed only a few months. My face has lost muscle tone and sagged. I look haggard with hollow cheeks as if I've been on a crash diet and, where have those jowls come from?! My skin, apart from its awful winter-grey pallor has developed even more fine lines with the ones around my mouth and between my eyebrows becoming deep grooves. I had noticed at the end of last summer vertical lines on my forehead developing but now, for the first time I think I look old ... I virtually ran to Angelica's office begging for help!

I sign up immediately to the 3 R's treatment plan, which I have now re-named 'The Life Saver'

Stage one – Re-place lost volume with injectable SCULPTRA

My face is covered with anaesthetic cream and, once the effect kicked in, the injections start. Angelica is very gentle but there are a lot separate injections involved in this process and, even though the anaesthetic cream had worked it's magic, so you are aware of several pricking sensations. After the treatment is complete (around 20 minutes) ice packs help to soothe the treated areas. I can't wait for the product to start working – producing more soft tissue to hold up my sagging face!

The Morning After. The redness has all disappeared, there is a little soreness and I have the beginnings of bruising in about 4 or 5 places on my face.

Day 2: Soreness all gone, no new bruises, the existing ones have now developed, they are quite random in pattern. I slather with Arnica cream and cover easily with Jane Iredale mineral makeup.

Day 5: Bruises have all disappeared.

5 weeks: Angelica told me this wasn't a quick fix, but I can really see the difference in the fullness and definition of my face already. I have lost that haggard, sunken appearance, I have "apples" back on my cheeks again particularly when I smile and my whole face has regained softness and volume. The results are so good that Angelica considers another Sculptra treatment is unnecessary.

Stage two: Re-store & Re-vive with Botox & Thermage

If it's good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow then ... bring it on!

A stronger anaesthetic cream is applied this time. Scared? Not likely as I can't wait for my full rejuvenation. Botox comes first, not a problem – I've been having this for some years and it's a breeze. Angelica adds a little more to my crow's feet area (smile lines around the eyes), frown lines on the forehead and either side of my mouth (for the Marionette lines).

Now for my Thermage treatment ...

I lie down and the laser "wand" is guided over my face and feels warm. However, as the laser begins its second pass over my skin I flinch, it hurts! It's very uncomfortable. The pain is only momentary, as the laser moves on to another area of skin the burning sensation stops to be replaced by just "hot" however it happens each time an area is being paid particular attention to. I am relieved when the session is finished, only about 10 minutes in all but I have to admit it was painful at times.

I look in the mirror, my face is red, about the same as after the Sculptra but I'm not really noticing the redness because the improvement is AMAZING. The deep lines cutting through my eyebrow and between my eyes have practically disappeared, ditto Marionette lines! It's a miracle, the results really are that immediate. I am told it could take up to 3 days for the redness to disappear completely. I must avoid the sun (no trouble there, it's still winter) or use an SPF 50. I am to use a very light moisturiser during the day and apply Ogabi Retinoid cream at night.

As I drive home I keep looking in the mirror, I can't believe the amazing effect the Thermage has had on my deep facial lines. By the time I arrive home, about 3 hours after my treatment, the redness has all gone too!

I washed my face this evening using Simple face wash and warm water, it stung. Clarins cleansing lotion didn't upset my skin though.

Day 1: My skin feels very dry and tight, smother on the light moisturiser.

Day 2: Ditto.

Day 5: Skin still feeling dry and tight. Applying moisturiser 3 – 4 times a day.

Day 14: The new skin is beautifully soft and smooth and my jawline looks more defined.

Day 21: My face looks refreshed as if I've just returned from a really good holiday. The tired grey pallor has gone, as has the haggard, deeply lined face that so shocked me 2 months ago. Together with the renewed volume and definition of my features, the softness and smoothness of my skin I really look and feel as if I've shed 10 years. Fantastic!

Thank you for the new me Angelica x