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Puppet Facelift, Soft Lift, Thread Lift, One Stitch Facelift

Puppet Facelift, Soft Lift, Thread Lift, One Stitch Facelift

1st February, 2015

Silhouette soft

Puppet Facelift, Soft Lift, Thread Lift, One Stitch Facelift, whatever name it's given, this effective non surgical solution to early ageing is here to stay says Ms Angelica Kavouni.

The small issues surrounding thread lifts have been ironed out thanks to the relatively new to market, superior Silhouette Soft threads.

Angelica comments: "I have been using thread lifts for many years now. I now only use Silhouette Soft as this product delivers a really natural look - a result that is requested by almost all of my patients."

The Silhouette Soft encompasses all that was good in the Thread Lift but also offers more ... provides support for loose skin and, thanks to the unique properties of poly-l-lactic acid, vital collagen stores are also boosted.

Angelica continues: "The Puppet Facelift or Soft Lift as I prefer to call it, has become an important part of the anti-ageing treatments I offer. Jawlines can be subtly re-defined and cheek bones re-discovered, and over the course of a few weeks to months, improved collagen stores ensure skin is kept in tip-top condition."

Expect results to last around 18months.

Puppet Facellift takes under an hour and is performed onsite by Ms Kavouni at the Kosmesis Skin Clinic, 129 Harley Street.