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The rise of the pesky thutt

The rise of the pesky thutt

13th January, 2014


Fabulous behinds have been making the headlines for several years, with Beyonce and J-Lo leading the trend. This has led to a steep rise in requests from patients for derrière-enhancing surgery.

Moreover, it seems that these days far too many of us are sporting the thutt, (a loss of definition where thigh meets butt) caused by too much sitting around. In this computer age, our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are literally letting our backsides down, leaving them with nowhere to go but south!

Patient before liposuction Patient after liposuction

Buttock enhancement pre and post op Ms Angelica Kavouni

How can we fix this?

Successful natural body contouring largely relies on muscle shape and definition and the bottom is no exception. Strong toned gluteal muscles (which lie across the back of the pelvis) help lift the bottom and support the surrounding tissue, lending it a round shape overall. In addition, strong hamstring muscles (which lie at the back of the thigh) help define where the thigh stops and the buttocks begin. Regular exercises are definitely worth doing and will help to build muscle in both areas, even if you don’t quite achieve a Beyoncé bum.

As well as exercise, expert body-sculpting can help the shape the area. Removing fat from the upper thigh (usually the ”saddlebags”) will improve definition across the entire buttock area, particularly if this fat is then transferred into the lower part of the buttock to lend more volume. Bear in mind that in order for this procedure to have any chance of success you need to be as close to your healthy BMI as possible.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that this type of procedure is straightforward, when in fact it involves a sophisticated cosmetic surgical technique. A number of women come to see me after thigh liposuction, having lost the natural crease between their thigh and buttock altogether due to bad surgery – leaving them with no discernible butt at all. Please seek a reputable surgeon first.

Then it’s goodbye thutt and hello butt!

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