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Our advice to you, perk up your bum

Our advice to you, perk up your bum

2008, Brand New YouView PDF

Fat transferMacrolaneLiposuction

"I'm heading on holiday shortly and am looking to transform my sagging buttocks in record time! I'm not necessarily after a J-Lo style booty - I just want to tighten up what I've already got and get it looking a bit shapelier for the beach. Can you give me any hints on ways to perk up my bum in six weeks?"

Surgical solutions

Cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni looks at the invasive options for trimming and toning.

"My practice still receives the occasional enquiry about buttock implants but few UK surgeons offer them these days. They simply aren't very successful; they tend to be very uncomfortable with a difficult period of recovery and they have a high risk of infection."

"We have become a little more sophisticated. I prefer performing liposculpture to the upper thighs and lower back, then injecting the hyaluronic-acid filler Macrolane into the buttocks for fullness and definition. Results are very curvy as the eye follows the roundness of the buttock."

"Fat transfers to buttocks are also quite common. Some patients view this as a two-in-one solution because a lot of fat can be removed from the stomach or thighs and injected into the bum to make it more shapely (under anaesthetic). However, this injected fat can be reabsorbed, so some patients find their new curves don't last as long as they'd hoped."

Expect to pay: Liposculpture £1,500-5,000;
Macrolane from £2,500.

No knife options

Surgeon Dr Vincent Kabeya shares the lowdown on non-invasive buttock boosters.

Mesotherapy was created by a French doctor in 1952 and is now practised around the world in a variety of cosmetic applications, including fat reduction, skin rejuvenation and the treatment of cellulite. To achieve a more toned, defined bottom, I'd recommend a Mesa Micro Lift. This penetrates directly into the problem area and breaks down fat as well as improving micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage.

"The "lift" involves up to 500 micro-injections using a very fine needle, just below the skin. These contain conventional or homeopathic medication with plant extracts and vitamins. An occlusion mask is applied to boost penetration of the vitamin and minerals. Mesotherapy helps break down fat cells, while the injections inflict tiny wounds that stimulate collagen and elastin production as the skin heals. The result is tighter skin with a smoother, brighter tone. A course of 10-20 minute treatments is recommended for the best results."

Expect to pay: £100-£200 per session.

How I did it!

Amy Lindsay, 28, from London, tested the new Power Plate classes for tackling problem area.

"A new breed of machines that use vibration to improve circulation, reduce cellulite and target weight loss are hitting the UK. I signed up to a six-week course of Power Plate sessions at the Good Vibes studio. Entitled the Bikini Bootcamp, the programme consists of three sessions a week of hard-core exercises that challenge the whole body, with the emphasis on toning traditional problem areas. The exercises are all done on a vibrating plate, which makes the muscles work extra-hard, plus the massaging effect of the vibrations smoothes away cellulite! Each 25-minute session has a range of exercises to challenge all the major muscle groups. While at first the vibrating sensation makes your brain rattle, you soon get used to it.

"After six weeks of squats, lunges, planks and press-ups, my lower body was looking much more trim and toned, and I noticed a visible improvement in the texture of the skin on my thighs and bum. It's fun and (relatively!) pain-free way to blast your body into shape." Expect to pay: £300 for 18 sessions.