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Underarm Botox

Underarm Botox

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Underarm sweating

Cinderella had it lucky. One swish of Fairy Godma's wand and she was ready for the ball. Not so us. If we want to continue looking good after the clock's struck twelve this Christmas, it's a harrowing round of punctures, mouth guards and chicken fillets (they're boob-boosters, for the uninitiated).

Underarm botox

Hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating) affects hundreds of thousands. Until now, the only solutions were surgery to sever nerves that trigger sweat gland activity, or antiperspirant.

But last year, doctors started using Botox to deactivate the nerves. The procedure, which uses minute amounts of Botox, is claimed to be safe and takes 50 minutes.

Botox doesn't freeze all underarm activity - doctors usually leave about 20 per cent of pores active. A pre-op anaesthetic cream means you don't feel a thing and practitioners can determine how little (or how much) to administer depending on the person. The consultation takes 20 mins, the numbing another 20 and the actual procedure only about ten minutes.

After four or five days, you'll notice a difference - you don't sweat like a pig.

We were treated by Angelica Kavouni, 129 Harley StreetUnder