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Sunday beauty surgery

Sunday beauty surgery

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Underarm sweating

"Both my sister Camilla and I have had a serious sweating problem since our teens" says Lucinda Addington-Smith, 26, from London.

The girls found out they suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis.

"The most effective treatment we tried was Driclor anti-perspirant but it made our skin dry and sore" says Camilla, 24. "Then I read about Botox for sweating and tried it."

The injections, given by Dr Angelica Kavouni and costing around £800, take minutes and kick in after just 24 hours. Then booster treatments are needed every six months.

"I couldn't believe it. After just one day my underarms were bone dry and I felt amazing," says Camilla - so much so that Lucinda has now had them!