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My neck lift experience

NeckliftMale neck lift

From puberty onwards I have always had an issue with my neck and it's become increasingly worse with time and the dreaded ageing process. It's interesting, all we ever seem to read or hear about are tales of female ageing and how it makes them feel, never much about what the same process means to men.

Neck lift before and after the procedure

I'm not old (I don't think I am anyway!) but my "turkey neck" is an issue or was! I must have spent up to £7000.00 per year on gym membership, but nothing I ever did was enough to shift the fat on my neck.

Angelica told me that fat in this area is notoriously difficult to shift, and that no amount of gym work would make much difference, and that Old Father Time was to blame for the loose skin! I wish I'd met Angelica several years ago as I could have used that gym money for something more enjoyable.

I like the fact that I saw Angelica at my initial consultation, which took place in her consultation rooms at 129 Harley Street. We discussed options, some were less invasive than others but I chose the more permanent solution: a surgical neck lift with extra fat removal.

Angelica knew exactly what I wanted, and the staff in her office made the process very smooth and easy.

Neck lift before and after the procedure

I underwent surgery at the swanky Cadogan Clinic, set in the heart of Chelsea. The staff were very caring and professional, with a great mix of banter and humour which I found, put me immediately at ease.

Surgery was uneventful (which is always a relief to hear when you're the patient!) and I was ready to leave the Cadogan Clinic a few hours later.

My recovery took around 6 weeks, although I was out and about very soon, even before the stitches were removed (day 10). Swelling took a while to completely disappear, you don't realise how much takes place deep in the tissues, each week my chin looked more sculpted.

I have a small scar under my chin, which is around an inch long and that's it! Amazing really!

Thanks Angelica and your fantastic team, Anel and Margaret.

Neck lift before and after the procedure

Angelica: "This is a very common problem for men, loosening of the platsymal bands that support the shape of the neck, resulting in the classic "turkey neck" appearance. "B" underwent a platysmaplasty procedure with Smart Lipo contouring. In this case I thought Smart Liposuction would be the best course for extra definition, as this device has a dual effect: fat removal and skin tightening (by stimulation of collagen production through heating of the deep dermal layers).

I'm thrilled that "B" is so pleased with his surgical outcome as it's always pleasurable to receive positive feedback!”