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The Career Facelift (Career Lift)

The Career Facelift (Career Lift)

27th January, 2016

ThermageFraxelClear + brilliantObagi creamsSilhouette soft

Angelica: “Retirement age is now a blurred line and many women (usually aged 40+) ask me to help them to keep looking as fresh as they can, for as long as they can. These women don’t have the time or inclination for protracted recovery times so skin solutions have to be effective with minimal downtimes. With all this in mind I have developed the Career Facelift.”

The Career Facelift (Career Lift) combines a number of non and lesser invasive treatments. Each patient is individually assessed, and their problems addressed with a bespoke treatment package.

The Career Facelift consists of one or more of the following:

Lifting with Silhouette Soft threads

Eradicate signs of early ageing in the mid and lower face. These tiny re-absorbable threads reverse sagging and plump flattening cheeks by lifting the skin and promoting natural looking volume replacement with their inherent collagen boosting properties. A gentle, natural looking lift that takes around 30 minutes in the office to perform and lasts around 18 months.

Results: instant and improve over time
Downtime: expect some swelling that settles in under a week

Volume replacement with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Including Teosyal RHA dynamic filler - a new filler from the Teosyal stable offering longer lasting results in areas of high movement such as around the mouth and eyes.

Results: instant and last around 12 months (instead of the usual 3-6 months)
Downtime: none (might suffer small bruising which can be hidden with mineral makeup)

Skin resurfacing

There are a range of options here with the ultimate goal of boosting dwindling collagen stores, removing unsightly pigment choose from Fraxel laser, Clear+Brilliant mini laser or the Obagi Radiance Peel.

Results: instant and improve over time
Downtime: expect to look sun flushed for a few days after treatment

Skin shrinking

Thermage CPT is the gold standard for skin tightening. A scraggy looking neck can really reveal age so this one off radio-frequency treatment uses heat to stimulate skin shrinkage.

Results: instant and improve over time
Downtime: none

Cost: varies according to which treatment(s) are suitable.

Please call the office for more information.