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BBC2 inside Harley Street

BBC2 inside Harley Street

28th April, 2015

NeckliftAngelica Kavouni

"I hope you enjoyed BBC2’s doc 'Inside Harley Street'. Of course the financial aspect of private healthcare was going to be scrutinised, but I think director Vanessa Engle gave fresh insight into the comings and goings of The Street.

I feel strongly in the empowerment of women and if I can help with my preferred surgical specialty, then that is great. Plastic surgeons do receive a lot of criticism when they enter private practice (I think more so than other medical professionals), with ‘selling out’ the NHS as one of the most common accusations. I thought fellow contributor, Dr Greg William’s comment that ‘I no longer save lives, I changes lives’ summed up how I feel.

I never tire of the positive reaction given by my patients when they have their first post operative ‘reveal’. It can be a very emotional moment. The majority of patients who seek my help are usually professional 'go-getters’ (men and women) wanting to secure their footing in the modern day competitive workplace or post pregnancy women who choose to reverse the body issues left by pregnancy and breast feeding.

It has been a long road, but after 15 years of post graduation study and training PLUS 15 years growing my private practice, I feel I am finally I want to be - a female plastic cosmetic surgeon helping others turn back the ravages of time - not changing but enhancing faces and bodies."