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Gwyneth's favourite anti-ageing treatment, Thermage, again in the news...

Gwyneth's favourite anti-ageing treatment, Thermage, again in the news...

30th January, 2014


This week the Daily Mail featured the new-age skin tightening treatment, Thermage, which is the perfect non-surgical solution to combat sagging skin anywhere on the face and body - used mostly on the face, neck and décolletage.

A common misconception is that this device is a laser, when in fact it delivers heat to targeted tissues via radio-frequency waves. The R-F energy penetrates the skin, causing collagen strands to recoil, tighten and then repair.

Most patients see an immediate result which just gets better with time, as the Daily Mail journalist “guinea pig” found: “...And nine months later (after one top up session at six months) can I see a difference? Well, everyone else certainly can. In fact I got a very satisfactory tightening effect in the days immediately after the treatment but it has been over the last few months that the effects have really started to show with my jaw line and jowls much improved and my skin less crepey and more elastic.”

Angelica comments:

“I am very pleased with the efficacy of the 3rd generation Thermage CPT. I tend to use it in conjunction with other no-knife treatments such as Botox, fillers and the skin resurfacing Fraxel laser.”

Angelica warns however:

“Expectations need to be handled carefully as those expecting the 'wow' factor akin to the short scar facelift will be disappointed. There is no doubt in my mind that Thermage WILL help tighten loosening jowls and deepening nose to mouth lines but often for the best results other noninvasive treatments need to be considered.”