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Vitiligo - Angelica comments on this often distressing skin condition

Vitiligo - Angelica comments on this often distressing skin condition

30th June, 2014

I was delighted to be invited to contribute to a feature in this month's Cosmopolitan Magazine highlighting Vitiligo.

June 25th was World Vitiligo Day, shining a much needed spot light on this often forgotten skin complaint. Models such as Winnie Harlow are helping to spread the word that Vitiligo is not to be feared but embraced.

As Vitiligo is not life threatening and non-contagious it doesn't seem to warrant much attention in the research arena. Yet sufferers can experience severe behavioural problems and sometimes become reclusive and/or depressed.

I'm sure we have all met at least one Vitiligo sufferer with the tell tale pale skin patches - usually around the mouth and hands. Reportedly Michael Jackson had the disease.

Good news? Yes, we can treat it - I've had encouraging results using skin colour blending techniques such as Obagi medical skin peels and Fraxel laser.

Bad news? I'm afraid expectations need to be managed carefully as treatments aren't 100% successful.

Also, unless you are lucky to have access to a dermatologist on the NHS, private treatments can be costly.

Please read this Cosmopolitan article for more in depth information on Vitiligo.

Source: www.cosmopolitan.co.uk