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Facing forward, what's hot in the field of facial aesthetics

Facing forward, what's hot in the field of facial aesthetics

2011, UCTView PDF

Short scar faceliftSilhouette soft

Modern plastic surgery demands great results with minimal scarring and to this end, surgical techniques are being continually updated.

The current philosophy surrounding facial rejuvenation is to adapt the type of surgical lift to each individual, using their underlying bone structure as a template so when the tissues are re-draped, the face "sits" naturally and is not pulled tight in unnatural fashion.

Many plastic surgeons have embraced new techniques so patients can choose a more natural alternative to the classic "Hollywood" facelift.

Methods have been polished and modified to defy gravity in a more effective way. Instead of only lifting one area surgeons now prefer a combination of lifts to give a balanced result.

Ms Angelica Kavouni Plastic Surgeon EBOPRAS: "The availability of the endoscope has been one of the most important recent advances within the field of plastic surgery and I’m sure its use will be incorporated into a wider range of cosmetic procedures before long.

This specialised camera is placed under the skin through tiny incisions hidden in the scalp and enables lifting of the brows, cheeks and jowls with minimal scarring, less bleeding and a much quicker recovery than traditional surgical techniques."

First signs of skin laxity:

Endoscopic techniques : How do I know I am in safe hands?

Angelica: "As with any surgical intervention this is an important question as not every surgeon is automatically qualified to use an endoscope. Extensive training is required to ensure familiarity with the equipment, this is vital as the endoscope can cause tissue damage in inexperienced hands. Endoscopic techniques are very popular in America and the American Association of Plastic Surgeons organises regular international training updates."

New advances explained:

Endoscopic forehead lift:

Thank goodness the days of the perpetual surprised look are long gone. As we understand the anatomy better we now aim to create an attractive arch in the lateral part of the eyebrows, releasing and lifting tissues in the temple area. In the centre the muscles are released to reduce the frown lines without pulling between the eyebrows. The endoscopic technique helps to keep scarring to a minimum. New, sophisticated devices (Endotine™) are used to fix the tissues in the lifted position and help to maintain a natural look. Expect some swelling and bruising around the eyes for about ten days.

Benefits of the Endotine system

Endoscopic midface lift:

Ideal for patients who prefer fuller cheeks, it also reduces the loose skin or hollow appearance under the eyes and softens deep nose to mouth lines. During the procedure the fat pads of your cheeks will be repositioned up and over the cheekbones where they belong. Some patients request an attractive almond eye shape. Again the endoscope helps to keep incisions well hidden but there is some swelling for a few weeks after the procedure.

Benefits of the Endoscopic midface lift

Endoscopic midface lift with buccal fat removal:

For higher definition of the cheek bones and a more sculpted appearance the some surgeons offer buccal fat removal. Buccal fat is a small pocket of fatty tissue that sits in the centre of the cheeks. The final result can be very dramatic and aesthetically pleasing.

Silhouette Cheek Lift:

If you're looking for a procedure less invasive than the Endoscopic midface lift but would like to reclaim the cheeks of your youth then ask your surgeon about the Silhouette™ Lift. Recently launched this lift is set to become an important adjunct to more conventional invasive surgery for example it can compliment blepharoplasty (eyelid lift); endoscopic brow lifts; buccal fat removal and neck lift.

Performed under local anaesthetic in the office or day surgery a patented suture is passed under the skin and invisibly anchored in the hair line. Soft tissue naturally grows around the suture giving a long lasting result, creating natural contours, lifting cheeks and tightening of loose neck skin.

Benefits of the Silhouette Lift

Short scar facelift:

This procedure is great for people wanting a gentle lift of the jowl area and who have moderate sagging skin. The technique enables proper tightening of the facial tissues through an incision well hidden inside the ears and is often combined with neck liposuction to improve neck contouring. Depending on the exact type of the muscle tightening sutures used it is known also as MACS lift.

This procedure should not be confused with a "mini facelift" though - this was very popular a few decades ago but it all it seemed to achieve was pulling on the skin, creating some unpleasant stretched scars.

Benefits of the Short Scar Facelift